About Us...

 Our Gotta Pickleball crew grew up playing and loving all kinds of sports. Tennis, basketball, softball, rugby, soccer, golf, kick the can, you name it, one of us played it competitively or recreationally, taught or coached it, Now all these years later, with a lot more life experience, titanium knees, the wisdom of knowing to use and to reapply suntan lotion, and a much better understanding of electrolyte drinks; we have been out there playing and loving this amazing game of pickleball.

We started out with only a few things in mind. Mainly, we wanted to have clothes and gear we could wear that featured pickleball designs. We wanted t-shirts and hoodies and hats and things that were made well, that felt soft and comfortable, to wear playing pickleball and that would last if you wanted to wear it and wash it, to wear again the next day. We wanted cool stuff, professional looking pickleball designs, that were fun for playing in and also for every day wear. From those ideas our pickleball lifestyle brand, Gotta Pickleball, began and grew.

Pickleball is so unique in that you can show up anywhere in the country at any pickleball court by yourself, not knowing anyone, and be welcomed to come and play. Anywhere we go, we are part of a team. How lucky are we? See you on the courts!